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About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

The Arab Contractors for Facility Management Co. (S.A.E.) was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of “The Arab Contractors – Othman Ahmed Othman & Co.” which is a leading company of the construction industry in the Middle East and Africa. The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) is considered one of the leading companies in Egypt providing innovative and professional Facility Management solutions to achieve the sustainable development that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of Assets, Process and Technology. The company aims to expand its business in the Middle East and Africa.

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Company Classification at EFCBC:

First Class at Gas and fuel network stations works.
First Class at Electromechanical and electronic works for facilities, factories and public buildings.
First Class at Light current network works.
First Class at Works of electric, hydro, gas and diesel power production and distribution stations.
First Class at Specialized supplementary works (building maintenance & finishing)
First Class at Maintenance and operation of water, sewage and desalination plants and networks
First Class at Maintenance and operation of electrical power stations, lines and transformers


To be a regional leader in providing integrated, quality facilities management solutions.


To deliver sustainable and innovative facilities management services that are scalable while ensuring safe and efficient performance of the built environment.

Our Core Values are

  • Perfect communication to ensure effective results.
  • Our Ethics are our hallmark.
  • Continuous improvement is our goal.
  • Performance excellence will be achieved through the professional methodology.
  • The demands of all within the system are respected and appreciated.
  • Quality, Safety, and Environment systems are to be rigorously applied.
  • Professional stewardship of client assets.


Respect, integrity, and candor guide our actions to do the right thing.


Our People and customers inspire us to act with commitment and passion.


We are empowered to bring our authentic selves in an open, welcoming, and equitable workplace.


We cultivate an open and entrepreneurial mindset in all that we do.


We work collaboratively with our partners to succeed together.


We work with rigor, simplicity, and agility to deliver exceptional results

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