Chairman Message Delite

Egypt is witnessing the largest economic renaissance in its current history, where Egypt establish several mega development projects which considered the largest projects currently in the world; such as the projects of the new cities and their infrastructures, petroleum and petrochemical projects, energy projects, development projects of the Suez Canal region, and the complementary projects such as East Port-Said port and Suez Canal Tunnels… etc. These projects will have economical repercussions not only at the local region but also at the regional and international countries, because Egypt has a strategic location as one of the Mediterranean countries. From this perspective, the role of how to manage these assets to achieve sustainable development comes into play. The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) is the one of the leading companies in this field within Egypt. The company is currently taking serious steps to develop its performance as appropriate way for the market requirements. Hence, the company will work on alliances with international companies specialized in this field to transfer the different expertise in order to seize the opportunities available and future in the Middle East and Africa.